The New Plant-based Revolution

In recent years, under the trend of health upgrade consumption, fitness has flourished, and many fitness enthusiasts have formed a new habit of supplementing high protein. In fact, people who exercise are not the only ones who need protein.

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Pea is the second largest edible legume crop, and about 65 countries in the world produce peas. The annual output of peas in China is about 1.6 million tons, accounting for about 9% of the world's total output of peas. Pea protein is an important component of pea, its raw price 48% ~ 64%, efficacy ratio 0.6 ~ 1.2, and because it does not contain lactose and cholesterol, low calories, no doubt about genetic modification, beoutine taste is relatively low, not easy to cause allergy, suitable for lactose intolerant people, have digestive disorders and advocate vegetarian people. It has high nutritional value. The proportion of amino acids in pea protein is relatively balanced. Except methionine, the contents of other 7 essential amino acids for human body are close to the FAO/WHO recommended mode value, which is easy to digest and absorb. At the same time, the lysine content is high, so pea protein is a good protein source.

Pea protein powder can be used as a nutritional fortifier added to grain food, such as bread, cake, noodles, nutritional rice flour, can also be used as a meat substitute added to ham sausage, red sausage and other Western meat products. At present, pea protein has a large market, mainly used in the production of protein powder, solid drinks, energy bars, plant protein drinks, plant meat and other fields.

Product Specifications

Items Type Chunk Granule Granule Cylinder Crisp Strip Steak
Model 5 9 9A 10 2 6 11
Product Description Textured Pea Protein 80%-5 Textured Pea Protein 80%-9 Textured Pea Protein 80%-9A Textured Pea Protein 80%-10 Textured Pea Protein 75%-2 Textured Pea Protein 75%-6 Textured Pea Protein 75%-11 (Add Wheat Gluten)
Particle Size 30-60mm 10-30mm 10-20mm 10-18mm 8-15mm 20-30mm 20-50mm
Water Absorption 01:05.9 01:01.4 01:01.3 01:04.8 01:02.7 01:05.1 1:03
Application Meat Ball; Hamburger Patty; Vegan Snack like Vegan Dried Tofu Barbecue Meat; Beef Sauce Meat Ball; Beef Analogue Replacement Popcorn Chicken Replacement Snacks; Hamburger Meat Chicken Replacement Vegan Snacks; Instant Food; Fried Chicken
Recommended Dosage(After Hydration) 10-20% 15-20% 20-30% 10% 10% 10-20% 30-40%
Taste after Hydration Soft Hard Very Hard Medium A little Crispy Medium Chewy
Packing 6kg Net/Paper Carton 15kg Net/Paper Carton 30kg Net/Paper Carton 7kg Net/Paper Carton 17kg Net/Paper Carton 7kg Net/Paper Carton 23kg Net/Paper Carton
Shelf Life 18 months in cool and dry place, keep from moisture and direct sunlight.


High-lysine, low-fat

Allergen-Free, Non-GMO

Soluble, water binding capacity

Enhance structure

Nutrition ingredient

No anti-nutritional factors

No cholesterol


Strict Process Flow


Packing Room


Precision Instrument Room


Sterile Room


Control Rooms


Meat Ball, Hamburger Patty, Barbecue meat, Beef sauce, Chicken replacement, Snacks.



Pea Protein lsolate2

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